Not so Much What as Why

Actions get noticed. Words are heard. What happened gets a lot of discussion.

But even more important than what happened is why. Why did you get upset? Why did you send that email when you did? Why did you stop and help her? Why did you donate as much as you did?

No one sees your motivations. They just see what happened. They get the what, but not always the why.

But the why matters the most. Did you do it for attention, or because you knew it would help? Were you just trying to be right, or were you genuinely concerned that someone could be hurt by getting it wrong? Were you doing it because you love yourself, or was it because you love someone else?

What we do doesn’t matter nearly as much as why we do it. And maybe hardly anyone will ever see the why. But God does. He knows your heart and why you do what you do. To him, that’s what matters most.

“The Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).

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