No Love – Could You Imagine?

What would life be like without love? What if we were bound by mere instinct and chemical reactions in the brain? What if life was two-dimensional and what you see is what you get?

No warmth when your child hugs you. No spark when you look in your loved one’s eyes. No empathy for someone who’s hurting. No willingness to act (even sacrifice) for the benefit of another.

What if there was no love? Could you imagine?

How do we know love exists? Why do we experience it? Because God exists. And God is love. Not just loving, but the essence of love. The source of love. The one who loves us enough to give us his Son. The ultimate love behind every loving feeling and action. Every loving experience in life is a faint echo of the great song of love he breathes into the universe.

And isn’t it wonderful?

Life is so much better with God because “God is love” (1 John 4:8).

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