Call Acknowledgement

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Dear members of Cross of Christ,

I have spoken with our church president and acknowledge that I have received your Call to serve you as a part-time Lead Preschool teacher for the 2023-24 school year. I am humbled and honored by the confidence you display by extending this Call to me.

I will take some time to consider how this Call would affect my family, our priorities, and what is best for us. I have several dear friends who I love in the teaching ministry, who I can talk to and understand what to expect and what this position would require of me.

Sharing the love of Jesus with little children is a beautiful privilege, and that’s what I’ve gotten to do with my kids at home for the last ten years. As I consider if it is time for me to get to do that in a classroom again, I ask you to keep me and Cross of Christ Preschool in your prayers.

In humble service to Christ,

Jill Snyder