Holy Week Devotions

As you prepare for Holy Week, Martin Luther College (our called worker training school) is providing a set of digital devotions as a gift to you.
The devotion book “7 + 1 Words from the Heart of God” is built on a review of Christ’s seven words from Calvary. These words are particularly useful for revealing the heart of Jesus.
As he suffers, what are his thoughts bent toward? What is he most concerned about? What is he personally experiencing? His own words give us a glimpse into the heart of the omnipotent God himself, who somehow feels sorrow and suffering as he defeats sorrow and suffering. Some of his words are somber. Some are sublime. Others signify victory. And all of them matter.
You can find these devotions in various formats here: mlc-wels.edu/publications/seasonal-devotions/
God bless your Holy Week!