Holy Week Devotions

The-Savior-We-Need MLC devotions

As you prepare for Holy Week, Martin Luther College (our called worker training school) is providing a set of digital devotions as a gift to you, called “The Savior We Need.”

Two thousand years ago, God’s people were expecting the Messiah to be a conquering hero who would rescue them from their Roman oppressors. Instead, he came as a suffering servant who died at the hands of those Romans. This is what Paul called the foolishness of the cross. But the Bible makes it clear that the Jesus those people received—the Jesus we are blessed to call our Savior today—is far greater than any we could ever have designed on our own. These devotions will show us that he truly is the Savior we need.

You can find these devotions in various formats here: mlc-wels.edu/publications/seasonal-devotions/

God bless your Holy Week!