God Becomes Human

Does anyone ask for a pay cut? Do people look forward to being disrespected or ignored? When’s the last time you thanked someone for treating you less than you thought you deserved?

Do you know what Christmas is all about? God gave himself a pay cut, so to speak. He actually chose to be in a position where he would be disrespected and ignored. For years, he longed for the time when he would become someone lowly. Christmas is when God became human.

Do you know what that means? God gets it. He understands you. He knows you. Because God became a person, just like you.

Have you been cheated or had to face injustice? God did too. Have you cried so hard you thought the tears would never stop? God did too. Have you stayed awake all night with anxiety? God did too. Do you bleed red? God does too.

He didn’t have to. He could have stayed in the glory of heaven with angels and riches and all that is happy. But he chose to come here to this world. He chose to live like us. Why? He loves us. He wants us to know that he understands what it’s like. Most of all, he came to save us from all of this.

That’s what it means when we see a little baby lying in a manger. Cold, poor, and homeless. Christmas means God became human. He became one of us. So he could save us. So we can know his love. So we can know he cares.

That’s what Christmas is all about.

Won’t you join us?


December 24

Boise Campus

2:00 PM | 4:00 PM  | 6:00 PM

JaK*s Place in Nampa

4:00 PM


December 25

Boise Campus

10:00 AM