Cross of Christ Lutheran Church

Corporate Worship Restart Procedures & Guidelines


Ada County is now in Stage 3 of Reopening, which means we have permission to resume corporate worship gatherings of any size, provided we have a plan to mitigate spreading of the COVID-19 virus, including:

  • the ability to maintain social distancing
  • the resources and staff to clean common areas
  • thorough communication of the plan 


What follows is a plan, developed and approved by the Cross of Christ Council and pastoral staff, communicated to our members via website, email, social media, and text messages or phone calls.

While the execution will look slightly different, the elements of this plan apply to both the Boise campus and the worship site in North Nampa (where we are collaborating with the owners of JaK*s Place to meet their expectations as well). 


Note: Please DO NOT feel obligated to attend in-person worship before you are ready! If you belong to a vulnerable population or remain concerned about group gatherings, please worship at home in peace.

Should you have follow-up questions or like clarification of this plan, please contact Pastor Matt Zimpelmann (208-861-3623) or Worship Councilman Matt Brown (907-223-7072). 



Worship Schedule

Five services are offered weekly, beginning the weekend of May 23-24.

Saturday - 6:30 pm (temporarily replacing Monday evenings)
Sunday - 8:30, 9:45, 11:00 am

North Nampa, at JaK*s Place:
Sunday - 9:30 am

No Bible studies or children’s Sunday school will meet. Worship and Christian Education resources will continue to be provided digitally. 


Health, Safety, & Sanitization
  • No changes to parking or building entry. 
  • Attendees must observe social distancing (minimum six feet) between members of different households at all times. Parents are responsible for their children. 
  • Exterior doors will be propped open before and after worship for entry and exit. All interior doors will be propped to minimize contact. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available in the lobby. 
  • Masks & gloves are voluntary. Members are free to make their own decision here. 
  • Leave two empty seats between households; do not sit directly behind another person. Ushers will be glad to assist with spacing if needed. 
  • Sections will be reserved for vulnerable populations. 
  • No printed materials (worship folder, etc.) will be used or available; offering plates will be available in the lobby. 
  • The back corner external doors of the sanctuary will be propped open after services for those who wish to avoid the lobby when exiting. 
  • Fellowshiping is permitted in the lobby and outside with proper distancing. 
  • Designated personnel will sanitize surfaces in the sanctuary, restrooms, and lobby following each service. 



Worship Schedule


Saturday - 6:30 pm (temporarily replacing Monday evening)
Sunday - 8:30, 9:45, 11:00 am

North Nampa, at JaK*s Place:
Sunday - 9:30 am


Worship services will be 45-50 minutes to allow appropriate sanitizing after each service and to minimize overlap of people leaving one service and those arriving for the next.  


Christian Education resources will continue to be delivered digitally; no Bible studies, classes, or children’s Sunday school will meet in person. 

Online worship will continue to be offered!


Our next scheduled Communion services are June 6-7. An appropriate procedure will be developed and communicated by then. You are always welcome to contact a pastor for private communion at any time. 


Worship Protocols

Social Distancing 

Those attending in-person worship must maintain a minimum of six feet between themselves (members of their household) and other households at all times.


Parking: no change, on either side of the building.  

Entering the building

  • The lobby doors will be propped open to minimize contact. 
  • Attendees are encouraged to move away from the doors once through, so that others may enter/exit without compromising distancing. 

Seating in the sanctuary

  • You may choose where to sit, appropriately distancing yourselves as follows: 
    • Leave at least two empty seats between households
    • No one may sit directly behind another person. All seats immediately in front of all members of your household must be empty. 
    • Vulnerable or concerned members may be seated in the reserved sections, in the back rows of both side sections. 
    • Ushers will be on hand to assist with spacing if needed. 

Leaving the sanctuary

  • Exit to the lobby as usual. 
  • Anyone who wishes to avoid the lobby may exit through the back corner doors of the sanctuary, which will be propped open by the ushers at the end of the service. 
  • Please be patient and maintain proper distancing. 

Fellowship after the service is permitted with these stipulations:

  • Each household must maintain the appropriate distance between other members.
    • Parents are responsible for their children. 
    • Please be mindful of those performing the cleaning & sanitizing tasks after each service. 
    • Due to three consecutive services on Sunday morning, fellowship time in the sanctuary or lobby may be limited, but there is plenty of open space outside! Feel free to continue socializing outside the building as the start time for the next service draws near. 


Health, Safety, & Sanitization Protocols

Personal Health & Safety
  • If you wish, you may wear a mask and/or gloves. No one is required to do so. Please treat each person’s decision with loving respect. 
  • All doors will be propped open to minimize contact, including restroom doors. Please do not close them! We trust each other to use discretion and courtesy. 
  • Follow basic CDC guidelines: Wash/sanitize your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and cover coughs/sneezes/etc. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations and tissues will be available in the lobby.
  • Trash can lids will be removed for no-touch trash disposal.
  • If you feel ill or suspect you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and use our online worship resources. 
Facility Cleanliness & Sanitization

The following amenities will not be available for the time being: 

  • Coat racks (please leave your jacket in your car or bring it with you into the sanctuary)
  • Nametags
  • Lobby drinking fountain (bottled water will be available if needed)
  • Lobby sink
  • Coffee (bring your own!)
  • Mother’s Room (Baby changing stations are available in both lobby restrooms. If privacy for nursing is needed, please speak with any usher.)
  • Printed worship folders, Connection cards, or any other printed materials
  • Three stalls in the lobby women’s restroom (to reduce surface cleaning). Three stalls will still be available. 
  • Rooms south of the lobby (preschool, conference, Sunday School rooms and gym) are closed.


The offering plates will not be passed during worship but will be located on tables in the lobby before & after the service. 


Should more worshipers attend than can be safely spaced in the sanctuary, the ushers will have sanitized, plastic chairs at the ready to space appropriately in the lobby. 


Following each service, all high-touch surfaces in the lobby, sanctuary, and bathrooms will be cleaned with CDC-recommended products, including but not limited to: 

  • Bathroom faucet handles, countertops, toilet seats & handles, changing tables, stall door knobs, main door handles
  • Lobby coffee tables, countertops, light switches, door handles, greeter tables
  • Sanctuary light switches, door handles (internal & external)


Again, should you have follow-up questions or like clarification of this plan, please contact Pastor Matt Zimpelmann (208-861-3623) or Worship Councilman Matt Brown (907-223-7072).