Opening Presents

Don’t you love watching people open presents? There’s so much joy in the little kids’ faces when they rip off the wrapping paper to see what mom or dad or grandma or grandpa got them this Christmas.

God loves watching us open the presents he gives us. He loves the joy on our faces when we see the wonderful things he’s given us each year.

Do you know what he’s gotten you for Christmas? Whether or not you get the promotion this year, see a new grandbaby, or your marriage finds new passion, God has picked out an amazing present for you. It’s better than anything else you might ask for.

God is giving you his Son for Christmas. Not wrapped in paper, but wrapped him a human body. Not delivered by Amazon, but sent from heaven. Not lying under the Christmas tree, but lying in a manger. And do you know how much this present costs? It’s the cost of the life of God’s own Son. It’s a life who came as a baby to die as a man and then come back from death. All so we can live forever.

He must really love us. He must really love this world. We can be pretty messed up in a world that’s really broken, but he loves us! That’s why he gives us such a present. And he can’t wait for us to open it.

Come join us this Christmas at Cross of Christ.

December 24

Boise Campus

2:00 PM | 4:00 PM  | 6:00 PM

JaK*s Place in Nampa

4:00 PM

December 25

Boise Campus

10:00 AM

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