What Can I Do?

What can you do for America right now? Our nation is struggling with issues of justice, race, compassion, and unity. People are taking sides and calling for action. It can be difficult to know what you can do that will really make a difference.

On the one hand, the Bible tells us how the curse of sin will manifest itself in things like much of what we’ve been seeing in the news. We want to make a difference, but the curse won’t be ultimately done away with until Jesus returns to make everything right.

On the other hand, the Bible tells us to be a positive part of our community, to love people, and to help make a difference where we can. Our love and God’s Word can have a profound impact on the people around us. The reason we’re still on this earth is so we can serve, spread good news, and be a blessing for others.

So what can you do for America? There’s a long list of things that could be included for how we can love and be a blessing. But let’s start with one of the first things you can do: Pray.

Pray for victims of injustice. Pray for unity and respect for all people. Pray for law enforcement. Pray for our government leaders. Pray for patience. Pray for our economy. Pray for those who are sick or suffering. Pray for those who are confused or angry. Pray for peace. Ask God to be among us, protect us, and instill a love among us this world has never seen.

Prayer works. Prayer is powerful. God hears your prayers and loves to answer them. God also loves to make you part of the answer to your prayers.

What can you do for America? Pray for our nation. And look for ways to be the answer to those prayers.

“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you. . . . Pray to the Lord for it” (Jeremiah 29:7).

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