For You

What does God do for people?

He loves them. He watches over them and cares for them. He gives his Son for them. He dies for them. He takes the full punishment of hell for them. He accepts them right here, right now. He upholds them when they’re weak. He stays by their side to comfort and guide. He works in their hearts with his divine power. He gives light to their lives. He is their joy and strength. He comes to people who are really bad and he makes them alive in Jesus.

Who does he do that for?

You. The person reading this right now. The person who knows you, your heart, and your life better than anyone else on earth. The person who needs love, acceptance, and forgiveness from God himself.

God’s love is universal. It’s also deeply personal.

For you.

“Your sins are forgiven” (Luke 7:48).

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