Would You Still Love Me?

“Would you still love me if . . . ?” What would it take for you to say no? What would someone have to do for you to stop loving them? It depends on how close that person is to you. And the closer they are, the greater they can hurt you. Unfaithfulness, betrayal, and abandonment leave deep wounds. They make it very difficult for someone to still love the person who hurt them.

“Would you still love me if . . . ?” What would it take for God to say no? Are there things we can do to God that make him give up on us? Can we hurt God so badly that his love runs out? Moral failings and even “small” mistakes are the equivalent of unfaithfulness, betrayal, and abandonment to God. Not to mention the big mistakes. But even when we do this over and over again, God doesn’t walk away. He absorbs the hurt and hugs us. He still loves us with an unfailing love.

No one will love us like God does. When we see just how priceless that love is, it makes us love him all the more in return.

“How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!” (Psalm 36:7).

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