Performance-based acceptance

It’s fun to stand on your own performance. Until you mess up. Then you wish people didn’t make so much of how well you do.

But seems like everything is all about evaluating how well you do. You get into that school if your grades are good enough. You get the date if you’re pretty or charming enough. You get the promotion if your numbers or sales are good enough.

What if there was a way to be accepted that didn’t first require a good enough performance? What if you could be loved and welcomed for you, even if your record wasn’t great?

Performance-based acceptance is common in human institutions, but not with God. He welcomes the outcast. He chooses the failure. He accepts those who feel unacceptable.

In Jesus, anyone can find acceptance with God and be welcomed home in his family. And that’s the best acceptance there is!

Today the next round of Cross Connections begins at Cross of Christ. It’s offered online, and it’s the perfect way to experience God’s grace-based acceptance. You can find out more and register here.

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