Church Council Nominations


Church Council Nominations

At the June 11 Open Forum / Congregational Meeting (1:00 pm at Boise) we will hold annual elections for open church Council positions. Eric Christianson, Matt Brown, and Roy Lange are all ending their terms on the Council. That means three “at large” Council positions are up for election this year.

Our Nominating Committee (Brent Masters, John Harris, Dave Malnes, Jon Breckon, and Pastor Hein) met to study God’s Word on “leaders in the church” before prayerfully drafting this year’s list of current nominees. The following men have prayerfully considered and accepted their nominations for the “at large” positions: Mark Arstein, Ray Dodd, Chris Klink, Lee Neujahr, Jake Ready, Cameron Sullivan, Gene Whitlach.

Per Cross of Christ Bylaws, if a voting member would like to suggest another name for nomination, they must do so by submitting that name to the Nominating Committee prior to the set deadline: Wednesday, June 7. “Nominations shall not be open to the floor at the election meeting.” (ByLaws Art. IX, Sec. 4)

Additional names for nomination and/or questions may be directed to Pastor Hein ( or any member of the Nominating Committee.