Hospitality Volunteering for Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday gives us amazing opportunities to offer hospitality to guests and visitors!

To be part of that on the Boise campus, for the Easter breakfast, check out the options on the Boise lobby bulletin board or at – and consider volunteering to help with one of those needs.

Still needed:

  • Some grocery shopping (week before Easter)
  • Equipment roundup (week before Easter)
  • Food prep (before breakfast Easter Sunday)
  • Clean-up (Easter Sunday after breakfast)

If you know you’ll attend the 8:30 am service, consider assisting with clean-up!

If you know you’ll attend the 11am service, consider assisting with the prep work before breakfast starts at 9:30!

You can contact Ray Dodd  to get more details about any of these roles (call or text 208-949-8787 / email