Youth Education Volunteers


Many thanks to the volunteers who will be serving in our youth education ministries in various capacities this year! They will be officially recognized and installed this Sunday, September 10. We thank God for each of them and their commitment to God’s kids:

Amanda Biondi, Amanda Watkins, Amy Dolan, Carrie Steinbrenner, Casey Masters, Cindy Harris, Elizabeth Berrier, Gene Whitlach, Hannah Burke, Hans Geary, Janet Lund, Janet Rosen, Jessica Knight, Jessica Lund, Jill Snyder, Joel Lund, Johanna Lowry, John Meier, Julia Olsoe, Kandi Walters, Kara Olsoe, Kelli Broyles, Kerry Fuller, Kim Christianson, Kristin Caudill, Lee Neujahr, Lily Merklinger, Lori Ochoa, Mark Parsons, Marrisa Jones, Millie Johnson, Rylie Jorgensen, Sean O’Doherty, Sophia Caudill, Tonya Hibbs, Trista Whitaker