Superbowl Conversations

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The “He Gets Us” campaign is coming to the Super Bowl. This is an ad campaign encouraging people to consider the ways Jesus relates to their life. There will be one ad shown each half of the game.

We’re not sure yet what the commercials will say, but we’re pretty sure they’re going to mention Jesus and his love in front of the world, which is a great conversation starter.

How can you use these ads to spark a conversation with someone at your Superbowl party or the week after the game?

Here are a couple of possible conversation starters:

– Did you see that He Gets Us ad during the Super Bowl? What did you think? Here’s what I thought…

– What was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Mine was the He Gets Us ad. Let me tell you why.

And here are possible ways to follow-up on that conversation:

– Would you like to get together for coffee sometime? I’d love to hear more about what you think.

 – Would you like to come to my Growth Group sometime? We love talking about what Jesus means to us and why he’s so important.

– My church has a great class where we hear more about who Jesus really is and why he’s what our life needs. It’s called Cross Connections. Would you like to come to a session with me?

– Come to worship with me next Sunday. I’ll pick you up.

– I’d love to introduce you to one of my pastors. Would that be ok?

Pray this week that the Spirit opens a conversation like that up to you. Or, if you have someone in mind for that conversation, pray for that person and go into this coming week ready to seize the opportunities God provides. May God bless it all! We know he will.