Thank you from McMillan Elementary


Thank you from McMillan Elementary

“Please send my deepest thanks and love to your congregation.

To see the faces of our students walk around with their gift boxes after school today was PRICELESS! One boy, who got the box that was all orange things inside, was so excited! He used to live in a shelter and had very little. He was so grateful and gave me a big hug and said thank you (he rarely hugs people). One girl in second grade loudly proclaimed, “Thank you mystery person!”. Another little Muslim boy came and said thank you — he felt like everyone else today. Our preschoolers were so excited about their new stuffed animals. And a fifth grader, who was just in a bad car accident, saw a stuffed Minnie Mouse so I gave it to her. She then hugged it close the rest of the day. These are just a few of the things I heard and saw today.

Please tell your congregation thank you for spreading the light of Christ. There was so much happiness at school today.

My heartfelt thanks.

May God bless you this Holiday season.”


Kamille Peck

Community School Liaison

McMillan Elementary School