The hero

Don’t you love a good hero? You know, someone who wins the day by doing what no one else could do and saving everyone who stood helpless in the face of danger?

We have a hero at Cross of Christ.

This hero won the day by doing what we’d never, in a million years, be able to do. And he faced incredible danger to do it.

At Cross of Christ, our hero is Jesus. He, the Christ, faced the cross in our place. He took every bit of nastiness from humanity and let it be placed on him. He bore every wrong, every injustice, every imperfection, and every mistake. He let himself be punished and killed—and he did that for us!


So you won’t have to face the cross. So you don’t have to answer for the nastiness of humanity. So you don’t have to, one day, stand before God and try to explain your every wrong, injustice, imperfection, or mistake. So you won’t be punished.

Jesus did what he did so you can be worthy—right here, right now. He did what he did to make you radiant. He did what he did so that you can settle in with Jesus and his family and be welcomed home with God.

That’s why Jesus is our hero.

Let’s celebrate this hero! Join us to worship him, 9:30 am every Sunday morning, at JaK*s Place Neighborhood Grill.