Joy to the World

Would you like a little joy? Better yet, would you like a whole lot of joy? Wouldn’t you love to have something real and something lasting that can fill your heart with so much delight that it might actually lead you to audibly sing for all to hear?

This Christmas, you can have that kind of joy. Better than family time in the dim light by the Christmas tree. Better than winning the lottery. Better than falling in love. Better than anything in the world. You ready for it?

God’s not mad at you. God’s not disappointed in you. God really likes you. In fact, he loves you. He accepts you like his little child. He’s not waiting for you to get better first. He’s not bringing out a whole list of all the ways you’ve messed up in the past. God just looks at you and smiles. He reaches out to give you a big hug. He says, “I’m proud of you. You make me so happy.”

Does that sound impossible? Kind of out-of-this-world? It is. But God made it possible. How did he do it? Christmas.

Christmas means God’s not mad at the world; he loves the world. Christmas proves that God will do anything—even be born in a barn, laid in a manger, ridiculed, tortured, and killed—just to be close to you. Christmas means that God, who can’t stay in a grave, was made low all those years ago so that he can raise you up to glory with him.

Just think about that. Drink that in for a bit. God did that for you. God did that for the world. Doesn’t that kind of make you want to sing?

You can sing “Joy to the World” with us this Christmas!


December 24

Boise Campus

2:00 PM | 4:00 PM  | 6:00 PM

JaK*s Place in Nampa

4:00 PM


December 25

Boise Campus

10:00 AM