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Sunday, June 21, 2020

God Himself Is Present (traditional)
Hymn 224 in Christian Worship.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (Tomlin & Giglio)
Amazing Grace (modern)
Amazing Grace (traditional)
Hymn 379 in Christian Worship. The original text of "Amazing Grace" has six stanzas; most hymnals and arrangements include 4-5 stanzas.

Chief of Sinners Though I Be (traditional)
Chief of Sinners Though I Be (arr. Koine)
Hymn 385 in Christian Worship.

By Grace I'm Saved (arr. Koine)
Hymn 384 in Christian Worship

By Grace I'm Saved (new melody & arr by Daniel Lyle)
This version doesn't have lyrics in the video; use this document (By Grace lyrics) to follow along. Again, this hymn actually has seven stanzas, but most hymnals & arrangements don't include all of them. This arrangement includes four, two that are in Christian Worship and two that are not.