What Just Happened

Only a week into the new year, and already there are reasons to question and grieve. The events of January 6 in our nation’s capital have left American’s asking, “What just happened?”

What happened is a small part of what the human heart does naturally. Scream. Hate. Fight. Accuse. Run. Destroy. Shirk accountability.

What just happened is something the world will continue to see unless it receives something better from outside the human heart.

The world doesn’t need more scream. It needs patience and the wisdom of silence.

The world doesn’t need more hate. It needs genuine love for those who think differently.

The world doesn’t need more fighting, accusations, or destruction. The world needs healing.

Where do you get that? Jesus. Jesus who brings something better than what we find in the human heart. Jesus who was screamed at, hated, and fought against. Yet he didn’t say a word. Jesus who was unjustly executed. Yet while they pounded nails through his hands, he prayed that God would forgive them. Jesus who came from heaven to give the hearts of this world an out-of-this-world peace. Jesus who will one day destroy this world, start over, and make it beautiful again.

When you know Jesus, and when you spark a little bit of his light in the world, people notice. It’s different from everything else we see coming from the human heart. And it will lead people to say, “What just happened?” Only in a good way.

If you’d like to see more of the light and goodness Jesus brings, considering attending our Cross Connections class starting the end of January. We have in-person and online options available. It’s free and no obligation. And it’s just the sort of thing our world really needs.

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