What You Choose to Be Troubled By

There’s no shortage of things that can trouble us. From world and national news to personal and private matters, there’s a lot for us to not be okay with.

So much, in fact, that you can’t be actively troubled by it all. It’s just too much. You have to choose what you will allow yourself to think about, work on, and try to change.

Here’s a challenge for you: Try to choose what is most important for you to be troubled by. Not necessarily what you see on the news. Not necessarily what your friends are bothered with. Not necessarily what gets the most attention. Try to identify the things that truly deserve your attention but aren’t getting it. Things in your life that you can help address. Ways you can truly make a difference.

It’s easy to complain and worry about things like politics and policies. It’s much more difficult to invest yourself in the hard work of serving the people closest to you. But they need you the most.

What will you choose to be troubled by? It might just be that your hurting neighbor, who is lonely and scared right now, doesn’t have a single person to turn to. And maybe no one is troubled by that.

But you can be.

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