Not in Control – Could You Imagine?

There are plenty of times when we are not in control. There are plenty of times when much in our lives and in our world seems out of control. But what about God? What if he wasn’t in control? Could you imagine?

What if there wasn’t someone bigger than all of us who could handle every issue in the universe? What if there were times when God saw problems, but they were too much for him? What if God got overwhelmed by it all? What if he was capable of failing and letting everything fall apart?

It’s a horrifying thought. That’s one of the reasons the Bible says over and over again that there is one who is always in control. He’s holding everything together. Even when the world looks like a mess, he’s working and guiding it all for something grand. That someone is God.

Do you want proof? Look at Jesus’ cross. God’s Son hanging naked, suffocating, and dying while people made fun of him! That moment looked like God was entirely out of control. But he wasn’t. He was using that. Even the suffering and pain. Using it to rescue the world. That includes.

Especially when things look out of control, the Bible tells us God is still very much in control. The maker and sustainer of everything. Holding it all together. Making it all work out as only he can do.

Aren’t you glad there’s someone who’s in control? Aren’t you glad that someone is God?

“He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17).

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