“My Lord”

She thought Jesus was still dead. She was expecting to find his corpse in the tomb and finish Friday’s rushed burial. Only the body wasn’t there on Easter. Mary, a devout follower of Jesus, still thought he was dead when she referred to him as, “My Lord.” Then she heard his voice speak her name, and she realized her Lord was alive again.

Another follower of Jesus, Thomas, thought Jesus was still dead, too. He couldn’t accept the reports he heard that Jesus was alive. So Jesus showed up for him as well. Thomas saw the nail marks in his hands. He looked at Jesus and said, “My Lord and my God!”

It’s a little word—my. But it is powerful when someone looks to Jesus and calls him, “My Lord.”

Yes, Jesus is the Lord. He’s the one who plunged into death to take upon himself everything wrong. And he came life again on Easter. But you can look to Jesus and call him something even more than, “the Lord.” You can call him, “my Lord.” He is for you. He died and rose for you. He loves and forgives you. He uses his power to protect and save you.

Practice calling him the Lord, yes. But don’t forget that small, life-changing word before it: My Lord.

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