There’s Life After Winter

Winter kills off a lot of stuff. But eventually spring takes over and new life appears. The trees in the valley are budding and blossoming. The flowers are coming up and the grass is getting greener. It’s the annual reminder that there’s life after winter.

In many ways, the world has been enduring a long winter. A lot of stuff gets killed off by hatred, depression, abuse, and human inadequacy. It can be dark and cold. But there’s life after winter.

There’s a tomb outside Jerusalem that no longer holds the body of Jesus of Nazareth. The darkness and the cold claimed his life as he offered himself for the world. But when he rose to life, he changed everything. He made it spring. He proved that history’s darkness ultimately leads to light. Because of him, you can rise from the dead, too, and live in heaven’s warmth. And the light will take over forever.

It’s a great annual reminder when spring comes and new life blooms after winter. It’s a tiny demonstration of the much grander awaking that’s coming.

If it feels dark and cold in your world, remember that there’s life after winter. And the life Jesus brings will never end.

“I am making everything new!” (Revelation 2:15).

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