The Power of Questions

Do you know who asks a lot of questions in the Bible? God does. Which is interesting, because he already knows the answers. When Jesus was on this earth, he was constantly asking questions as he taught the people and interacted with those who wanted to learn more.

Oftentimes, the question benefits the person answering more than the person asking. When it’s the right question, it can be quite powerful. It leads the one who answers the question to greater insight, self-awareness, or a broader perspective.

In other words, you can powerfully help other people by asking the right questions.

How can your questions benefit others in powerful ways? Give some of these a try:

Can you tell me why you feel that way?

What do you think would make this better?

What would Jesus say about that?

What were you wrestling with as you came to that conclusion?

I see this is important to you. Can you tell me more about it?

When asked in love, our questions can be a powerful blessing.

What questions have you found to have such power?

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