Be bold

People sometimes have the impression that Christianity is all about meekness and timidity. Turn the other cheek and pray for your enemies, but never have a backbone or be courageous.

It’s true that meekness is, at times, Christ-like. But so is boldness. And God wants those who trust in Jesus to be bold.

Because Christians have an unshakable hope. Christians have eternal life. They are accepted in God’s sight, they have angels to protect them, and they have heavenly riches that can never be lost. Followers of Jesus have it all for eternity because Jesus takes sin away. That should make believers bold and courageous. They’re on the winning side!

Are you a Christian? Stand tall and be bold.

Are you not a Christian? Jesus wants you to trust in him. He holds out the same hope for you too.

“Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold” (2 Corinthians 3:12).

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