The Power to Forgive

Let’s face it. Forgiveness isn’t easy.

It’s difficult to let go when we’ve been wronged. It almost doesn’t feel right, like we’re letting people get away with what they did.

But forgiveness isn’t pretending like nothing ever happened. It did. And it’s not okay. Forgiveness is choosing to send away the debt and cover the cost our selves.

Which isn’t easy. Especially for God. The world owed him big time. We all did.

Our failures and deficiencies didn’t just disappoint him. They are offenses that hurt him deeply. They’re not okay. And he could have demanded that we pay.

But we never could. So he sent away the debt and covered it himself. By having Jesus pay instead of us. Completely.

The one we were most indebted to – God – he forgave us. When we have Jesus, he’s not mad at us. It’s paid up in full.

Which is tremendously powerful. If God can forgive us like that, he’ll give us the power to forgive others.

“Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” (Colossians 3:13)

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