You’re needy

Most of us don’t want to be needy. To be overly dependent on anyone. We want to be
strong, independent, and capable of whatever is needed on our own. All the time.
How’s that working for us?
If we’re honest, we’re not nearly as self-sufficient was we think we are. We fail. We mess
up. We let people down. We’re not the versions of ourselves we want to be—the version of
ourselves we long to be. We need something more. We need someone more. So much more
than ourselves.
Because we don’t have it all in and of ourselves. We’re needy.
Jesus doesn’t mind if you’re needy. Like a really good shepherd, he takes care of you. Your
every need. All the time. Because he loves you.
You’re needy. And that’s okay. Because you have Jesus.
“The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” (Psalm 23:1)

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