Feeling out of place

Sometimes we feel right at home. Other times, we’re kind of out of place.

And it can feel that way with life in general. We’re here and comfortable with a lot of things, but it doesn’t always feel like home. Like we don’t quite belong. Like we were made for a world and life beyond what we experience now.

Do you know why? Because we were!

God says we’re only passing through this life. This world isn’t our forever home. We were made for a better one—one that lasts forever.

For all who are connected to Jesus—for everyone who believes in him, we’ll always feel a little bit like strangers in this life. Because we were made for more.

When you’re feeling out of place, remember that, like a foreigner, you’re just passing through.

You were made for heaven where you will always feel at home.

“Dear friends . . . [you are] foreigners and exiles.” (1 Peter 2:11)

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