Shaped by God

If you want to get into better physical shape, you work out and eat healthy. And people talk about that all the time.

People don’t talk as much about our souls. About what kind of shape our character is in. And, more importantly, how to be in good shape when it comes to our souls.

We need God to shape and develop our character. We need God to make us into the people he wants us to be. We need him to constantly keep working on us so we can live and act in ways that are more and more like him.

And thankfully, that’s exactly what God does. He saves us. And he keeps shaping and developing us. In the Bible, he gives our souls the workouts we need to get into and maintain better shape when it comes to our souls.

Read the Bible a lot. And let God keep working on you.

“We are God’s handiwork.” (1 Peter 2:11)

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