The Goal

Wouldn’t it be great to have packed services at Cross of Christ in North Nampa? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had tons of people coming together to serve our community in meaningful ways? Wouldn’t you love it if things moved so quickly that, nine months from now, we were starting the process to buy land and build our second campus for Cross of Christ?

All those things would be great. But none of them is the goal. At least not the main, foundational goal.

It’s important that we know the goal, so we aim for the right thing. Knowing the goal and shooting for that will guide all our work and energize all our efforts in the right way.

What’s the goal? It’s that more and more souls know the good news of Jesus. Our goal in starting location number two of an already vibrant ministry is that more and more lives are changed as they settle in with Jesus and his family. Lofty goal, wouldn’t you say?

God tells us to share this news with the world. God promises to use the message to transform people from the inside out. God will take care of the attendance, and the amount of people serving, and the timeline for buying land.

In the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes on the goal—reaching more and more souls with the amazing news of Jesus.

Come check us out! Join us for weekend worship, 9:30 am each Sunday, at JaK*s Place Neighborhood Grill.

We’ve got an amazing goal. You can be a part of reaching it!

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