A Prayer on Election Day

Dear Lord, on this day, the final votes will be cast for elections around the country. As we await the results, give us confidence, comfort, and peace in who you are and what you are accomplishing for our good.

You are the ruler of heaven and earth. Lead us to not put our trust in princes, but rest our confidence and hope in you alone.

You raise up leaders and remove them for your good purposes. Lead us to accept the results of the elections and to give our leaders honor and respect.

You tell us to pray for our leaders, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives. Work through them and their governance that there would be peace and order, that we may live in freedom, and that the gospel can be proclaimed without hinderance.

You once elected your Son, Jesus, to leave his throne and offer his life for the world. Lead us always to first give you thanks and praise for the forgiveness of our sins and the certainty of heaven through faith in Christ. Let our citizenship in heaven makes us even better citizens of this temporary, earthly kingdom. Make us salt and light in the world who reflect your goodness and love.

Bless your people today, dear Lord. Bless our land. Bless our communities. Though we never deserved it, for the sake of Jesus, turn your face toward us with your favor and love.

On this day and every day, we put our confidence solely in you, for you alone are our refuge, our strength, and our only Savior. Amen.

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