The In-Between Time

The moments of waiting test us the most. When will the final election results be in? When will the doctor call with the test results? When will we finally be “past Covid”? Much of life is filled with the in-between time. It’s the tension moments of sitting in the middle, waiting for resolution.

God puts us in the in-between times because they’re good for us. They help strip away false hopes and things we tend to trust in more than God. They highlight for us just how powerless we are. And they help us lean into Christ and trust his strength alone to get us through. We might not like having to wait in the in-between time, but God is with us. He is all we need, and he is working while we wait.

Joseph was sold by his brothers—can you imagine? He served in a foreign country, was sent to prison for a crime he never committed, and was forgotten and abandoned by almost everyone. Except God. The Lord was with him the entire time. And God was working in Joseph through the in-between time. Making him stronger. Helping him exercise his faith. Leading him to bless people in tremendous ways. It wasn’t until later that God showed him everything he was accomplishing during the in-between.

Are you waiting right now? Are you sitting in the in-between? The Lord is with you. Keep an eye out for how he might be working right now to make you stronger, help you exercise your faith, and lead you to bless people in tremendous ways.

“The Lord was with Joseph . . . the Lord was with Joseph” (Genesis 39:2,23).

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